At Migration Outcomes Australia we assist with all types of Australian Visa’s.

General Skilled Migration

This is the most common visa pathway for those seeking Permanent Residency
in Australia.  It is a 2 step process involving an initial skills assessment
followed by the Visa Application.  Applicants can be Independent or
sponsored by close relatives or State Governments.

Employer Sponsored Migration

These can be either temporary (SC482) or Permanent Visa’s (ENS/RSMS).  They require the applicant to be sponsored by an Australian Business.

Family Migration

These visa’s include visa’s for parents, partners and ‘remaining relatives’. The applicant needs to be sponsored by a close relative who is an Australian permanent Resident or citizen.

Student Visa’s

As the name suggest these visa’s are for people wishing to study in Australia.  Some student visa’s can assist in subsequent Permanent Visa applications.

If you choose to work with us we carry out the following:

  • Perform an initial assessment of your visa options and recommend what we
    feel is the best visa for you.
  • Prepare and lodge the Skills Assessment (if required).
  • Prepare all Visa forms online to be lodged.
  • Provide you with checklists of all documents required.
  • Lodge the application – electronically where possible.
  • Manage the application process including scheduling the Police Clearance and
  • Liaise with DHA throughout the process ensuring all requested for
    information are actioned.
  • Follow-up with DHA if we feel the application is taking longer  than